Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sebastien Clamorgan: Venia International’s commitment to the Badagry MegaPort project

Venia International, the global consulting firm founded by Sebastien Clamorgan in the late Nineties, played the role of deal maker, broker and representative of a stakeholder' interests in the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone in Nigeria.
Sebastien Clamorgan

Port management: the activities of Venia International, the firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan

Badagry is a coastal town in Lagos State (Nigeria), on the bank of a system of creeks, lagoons, and waterways: this is the place chosen for the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone, a project aimed at developing the biggest and most advanced sea port in Africa. Overseen by the Nigerian Port Authorities and developed through a partnership between private entities, Badagry MegaPort aims at creating a strategic place for development in the country: in order to achieve this target, the project assembled a consortium of some of the largest and most successful companies in Nigeria. This is the framework where the global consulting and investment firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan - Venia International - played the important role of deal maker, broker and representative of a stakeholder' interests. The firm, indeed, in addition to supporting the development of business activities and the creation of new companies in the MENA region, is as well active in building international joint ventures in the field of port management. In particular, the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone is designed to allow companies to take advantage of worldwide assets and expertise while conducting business on a local level, in order to create the solutions needed to support a strong growth in Nigeria. The Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone is just one of the many successful projects of Venia International: on the strength of more than 25 years of expertise, indeed, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm is considered a reference point for the African and Middle Eastern markets.

Sebastien Clamorgan: Venia International and the MENA region

Founded in the late Nineties, Venia International specializes in global consulting and investments, and deals with different segments of the industry, including Shipping, Food and Beverage, Airport Duty Free, Logistics and Port Management. The firm is led by Sebastien Clamorgan and aims at opening the doors to companies' successful market entry, in particular the establishment of international brands. With a special focus on the MENA region, over the years the firm carried out a considerable number of successful projects, allowing the creation and development of new companies and the establishment of global brands that wish to penetrate new markets. With more than 3,000 people employed all over the world, Venia International provides specialized solutions at the service of its partners: top-class market research and insights to help identifying and developing new business opportunities, advice on the most viable approach for profitable business activities, as well as a detailed understanding of market sizes, scopes, and trends. Venia International's services include as well regional business setup - such as dealing with bureaucratic aspects, administrative requirements, legal operations and other types of licenses - business development, business intelligence, mergers and acquisitions, and lobbying. As showed by the Badagry MegaPort project and many other successful activities carried out by Sebastien Clamorgan and its firm, Venia International plays a crucial role in Africa and the Middle East and is considered a reference point in the area.

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