Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Danieli Group and Emirates Steel Arkan sign MoU for e-PGH deployment

Boasting over a century of excellence in the metals sector, Danieli Group has been a premier manufacturer of industrial machinery since its inception in 1914. The company is globally acknowledged for its reliability and profound expertise in the sector. This specialized knowledge will also play a key role in the implementation of an e-PGH (electrical Process Gas Heater) at Emirates Steel Arkan’s DRI facility in Abu Dhabi.

Danieli Group

Danieli Group and Emirates Steel Arkan reaffirm collaboration

Thanks to a new initiative spearheaded by Danieli Group, Emirates Steel Arkan – a company already renowned for its efficient and eco-friendly steelmaking processes – is poised to advance its sustainability efforts further. Recently announced, the Abu Dhabi-based firm will lower its carbon footprint by installing an e-PGH (electrical Process Gas Heater) at its DRI plant. This collaboration with Danieli Group underscores Emirates Steel Arkan’s dedication to innovation and technological excellence. By joining forces on the project, the two companies aim to set new benchmarks in the steel industry and support the United Arab Emirates’ ambition to become a leading industrial hub. The pilot electrical process gas heater will be pivotal in achieving these objectives, aiding Emirates Steel Arkan in reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and cutting overall carbon emissions. Beyond environmental benefits, this initiative promises long-term energy cost savings. Currently, Emirates Steel Arkan operates two low-emission minimills for high-quality long products, including heavy sections, bars, and wirerod, all supplied by Danieli Group. These minimills incorporate Energiron DRI technology and Hytemp pneumatic charging, enabling hot DRI up to 600 °C to be fed into the EAF. This ongoing partnership with Danieli Group continues to drive Emirates Steel Arkan towards greater efficiency and sustainability, aligning with global environmental standards.

Danieli Group’s collaborative project with Emirates Steel Arkan

The memorandum of understanding was signed at the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting, which took place at Danieli Group headquarters in Buttrio, Italy – this represents a significant development that could shape the future of the steel industry. The MoU, a major milestone in the collaboration between the two companies, was signed by Emirates Steel Arkan CEO Saeed Alghafri and Danieli Group CEO and CTO Rolando Paolone. Saeed Alghafri emphasized the importance of this project, stating, “this partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to innovation and technological excellence. The MoU outlines a collaborative project to test a pilot electrical process gas heater at our Direct Reduction Plant #1. This groundbreaking technology aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability in our production processes, aligning with our mission to deliver high-quality steel products to our global customers”. Emirates Steel Arkan CEO also added that the company is “excited about the potential of this project to set new standards in the steel industry and contribute to the UAE’s vision of becoming a leading hub for the industrial sector”. As announced, the project is set to play a key role in enhancing Emirates Steel Arkan’s operational efficiency and environmental sustainability, with the electrical process gas heater (e-PGH) being designed to reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels, thereby significantly lowering carbon emissions. This aligns with the broader goal of reducing the steel industry’s carbon footprint. The partnership not only highlights the innovative strides being made by both companies but also underscores their commitment to sustainable practices.