Thursday, August 13, 2020

The gateways to Africa and the Middle East: Sebastien Clamorgan’s firm, Venia International

Venia International specializes in supporting companies' successful market entry, with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. During more than 25 years of activity, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm has carried out a great number of successful business initiatives, such as those undertaken in the fields of Shipping and Food & Beverage, just to name a few.

Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): fields of activity, market research and insights

Venia International was founded and still led today by Sebastien Clamorgan, a professional with more than 25 years of experience in consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping, logistics, food & beverage, and real estate. A reference point for the African and Middle Eastern areas, the firm provides specialized solutions at the service of global players: its business activities are aimed at opening the doors for corporations' market entry, as well as at supporting the establishment of global brands. Market research and insights, regional business setup, business development, business intelligence, M&A, and lobbying are among the services provided by the firm. Venia International's wide regional know-how provides high-class market research and insights: this helps companies to strengthen their position in the reference market, as well as to develop new business opportunities. The firm knows the relevance of understanding market trends to impact performances, and how important market research and insights are in strategic planning. Furthermore, by providing advice on the most viable approach for profitable business, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm aims at supporting global brands in developing strategic planning processes and growth roadmaps. In addition, as an equity partner, the firm helps companies to seek new opportunities: this is done by providing a detailed understanding of which areas should be prioritized and which trends may impact business performances.

Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): business setup, development, M&A, and lobbying

Thanks to its extensive regional know-how on Africa and the Middle East, Venia International supports companies in the process of entering new markets: among its services, indeed, Sebastien Clamorgan 's firm deals with the bureaucratic aspects of business setup, thus ensuring that corporations are ready to undertake new business adventures. The firm facilitates the compliance with administrative requirements and takes care of the management of legal operations, permits and other types of licenses. In the area of business development, Venia International helps identifying underserved segments and underexploited markets, as well as approaching lead generation, customer acquisition, and value innovation. Business intelligence plays an important role among its specialized services: the use of BI, indeed, is increasing in the world of business and this is the reason why the firm provides accurate BI services to assist its partners. The other services provided by the global consulting and investment firm include M&A assistance - in order to effectively negotiating agreements - and lobbying: on the strength of its prominent position in Africa and the Middle East, Venia International is perfectly positioned to provide effective lobbying services and to represent its clients in business activities. Last but not least, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm plays a crucial role in building joint ventures and partnerships in the MENA region: among its fields of activity, Shipping, Port Management, Port Project, Logistics, and Food & Beverage.

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