Monday, July 27, 2020

Digitization, the delay of Italian companies according to Vittorio Massone

The Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. Vittorio Massone has discussed the situation of the digital revolution in the Italian scenario: the transformation is experiencing a new debut and the real revolution will take place in the next 20 years.

Vittorio Massone

Vittorio Massone: the digital revolution and the Italian context

Are the Italian companies in step with the times of the digital revolution? This is the issue addressed by Vittorio Massone, a manager expert in digital strategies and the Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. since February 2020. The Italian entrepreneurial system, he writes, suffers a delay in investments in technology and R&D, which are areas that play a key role for making the best of the digital revolution. This transformation is at the beginning of a new debut: the revolution has not ended its drive and will bring changes in all sectors within the next 20 years. As explained by Vittorio Massone, the digital evolution will touch the minimum scale, and strategic factors related to the cost structure will assume a primary value: the reference is to the investments in R&D, in technology and in the control of patents and data. The manager continues his intervention by focusing on the specific situation of the Italian context, which shows that very few companies in the unregulated sectors have the scale necessary to be competitive in the market. The trend regarding investments is not encouraging and, as Vittorio Massone suggests, it is necessary to speed up the rate of innovation of the product and all the services connected to it. Innovation, he concludes, should be a guiding value in the production processes, as well as in the management of the distribution chain and operations: this would allow to reap the benefits of the digital transformation and improve the level of service to customer, while, at the same time, reducing cost-to-serve.

Vittorio Massone's career: a leading Strategic Consultant and Digital Advisor

With over 25 years of experience in strategic consultancy, management and digital innovation, Vittorio Massone in an expert in the development of digital strategies. Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. since February 2020, he collaborates as well with "digital natives" companies to support them in growth, and with traditional companies in developing digital innovation processes. After graduating in Economics with full marks at the Sapienza University of Rome (1989) and obtaining a Master in Business Administration at the Bocconi University of Milan (1992), Vittorio Massone began his career at Klopman Textile Industry (Burlington Group) as a Business Analyst. He later joined the management consulting firm Value Partners, where he held the role of Associate. In 1994 he moved to Bain & Co., a management consulting company, where he started a new professional adventure that led him to hold positions of increasing responsibility: he was, indeed, Manager since 1995, Partner since 1999, and then Director since 2004. Subsequently, the manager became a leading figure in the fields of digital, telecommunications, industrial services, government, media/entertainment, and automotive fields. In 1999 he successfully managed the acquisition of Virgilio/Matrix, while in 1997-2001 he was involved in the turnaround of Seat Pagine Gialle. Vittorio Massone managed as well the turnaround of Poste Italiane between 2002 and 2008. His following experience was at Bain & Company Africa: as a Managing Partner, he relaunched the company and created a team of 200 people skilled in the digital field. He also brought his managerial vision based on team "diversity". Vittorio Massone he is currently a Member of the Premier Leadership Organization of CEOs (YPO), with approximately 28,000 members.

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