Friday, October 8, 2021

Valeur Group: a new way of doing finance

In 2010 the finance expert Lorenzo Vangelisti founded Valeur Group, an independent company active in the areas of asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading and real estate services. Among its latest activities there is the acquisition of the London-based digital platform LinkedTrade.

Valeur Group

Valeur Group: profile

Valeur Group is a modern and international company active in the financial sector. It has offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, which makes it a company with a very European character. It specializes in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading and real estate services. Its story can be dated back to 2010 when its current CEO, Lorenzo Vangelisti, who had been working in banking and finance for many years, decided to found its own financial firm. The Group operates with the synergetic involvement of four associated companies: Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA and Valeur Concept SA. Valeur Capital Ltd makes the heart of the Group's Asset Management and customized investment product services; Valeur Securities SA is the trading desk that provides efficient investment platform with a wide access to the market; Valeur SA represents an asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes in compliance with the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes; Valeur Concept is specialized in real estate investment solutions and architectural services. In Valeur Group offices a team of experts with over ten years' experience takes care of building personalized high added value investment strategies and it does it by relying on a series of specialist skills that ranges from different types of geographical areas and asset classes, objectives and management styles. Today Valeur Group has consolidated relationships with more than 25 market operators, it has 2 billion Euros in assets under management and 20 investment funds between management and advisory.

Valeur Group's pillars

The core aim of Valeur Group is that of becoming a safe harbor for all those who desire a solid portfolio and competitive returns. Their mission, which hasn't changed since the foundation, is pursued by making qualities like responsiveness, excellence and efficiency their key assets. Thanks to this philosophy the Group led by Lorenzo Vangelisti managed to develop a solid global structure and increase the number of solutions offered, which now range from the search for the best investment opportunities and optimal allocation to detailed analysis that is at the base of the portfolio's construction. All these activities are carried out with strict discipline both in the process of decision-making and in risk management. Valeur Group is also interested in actions aimed at making the future greener and more sustainable. The company is in fact committed to sustainable investments. It supports the UN initiative combining ESG principles with asset management, which is called "Principles for Responsible Investment". Besides, the Group shares CFA Institute standards and members of the team are recognized as "CFA Charterholders", it is authorized to operate by local financial supervisory authorities like FCA and CSSF and all its activities are conducted pursuant to the new MIFID II regulatory directive.

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