Friday, July 9, 2021

Lorenzo Vangelisti (Valeur Group): the acquisition of SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade

As part of an investment strategy aimed at investing in technology and innovation, the independent Group founded and headed by Lorenzo Vangelisti has completed the acquisition of London-based FinTech company LinkedTrade. The operation will enable Valeur Group to strengthen its offering, as well as to improve its efficiency and distribution channels: "We are very proud of this agreement", the CEO commented.

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Valeur Group: Lorenzo Vangelisti comments on the acquisition of London-based FinTech company LinkedTrade

"A milestone" is how CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti described the recent acquisition completed by Valeur Group, the independent business specialized in asset management and trading services which he founded in 2010. The operation completed is the acquisition of LinkedTrade, a SaaS multi-dealer platform leading the way in the digital transformation of the structured products industry. "The acquisition of LinkedTrade, a leading digital platform in the industry, is a milestone in expanding our investment solutions offering as well as our technology edge", said the CEO commenting on the agreement, which will enable the Group to enhance its investment solutions offerings and to strengthen its positioning. By leveraging LinkedTrade's high degree of innovation and technological expertise, the acquisition will also result in greater efficiency, reduced operational risks and up-scaled distribution channels for the Group. "We are very proud of this agreement", pointed out CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, who also added that the operation "enables us to provide our clients with an increasingly comprehensive service and is the starting point to develop LinkedTrade's technology further". The agreement will allow SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade to remain independent while leveraging the Group's investment strategy. "We are very pleased to join Valeur Group", LinkedTrade's CEO Nicolas Gaumont-Prat commented: the Group has "strong expertise in trading services and is continuously growing and developing their clients' offerings".

Lorenzo Vangelisti: Valeur Group's value-added solutions

Established in 2010, Valeur Group is an independent business which was founded and is still headed today by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti. With extensive experience in the fields of asset management, advisory, trading, structuring of tailor-made investment funds and real estate services, the Group has a European footprint and operates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg. The Group's mission is to provide a safe and solid financial harbor for clients, as well as to generate returns using the crucial assets of excellence, proactivity and efficiency. By leveraging on its team's extensive experience and specialized skills, the firm offers high value-added solutions to build customized strategies and investment products. It has developed a broad array of investment products and services, ranging across different geographies, asset classes, management styles and objectives. A client driven firm, the Group headed by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its investors: this is also done by critically evaluating the objective of each client and by dedicating to fully achieve this goal. Optimized allocation, portfolio-building and scrupulous risk management are the elements that underlie the Group's investment process: investment solutions are indeed thoroughly analyzed at Valeur Group, in order to capture the best opportunities for profit generation, maximize returns, and maintain a risk profile in line with clients' requirements.

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