Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sebastien Clamorgan: Feeding the Frontline to fight against Covid-19

 "Today, we say thank you to the people who stay at their jobs so we can stay safe at home": this is what Eat'n'go has written in a statement to express its gratitude to all the workers on the emergency frontline. Feeding the Frontline has been rolled out by the Nigerian Group headquartered in Lagos, in a joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan's Venia International.

Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan: Feeding the Frontline, an initiative by Eat'n'go

Supporting essential workers who are at the frontline in combating the spread of Covid-19: this is the goal of Feeding the Frontline, a recent charity initiative launched by the Nigerian food and beverage Group Eat'n'go. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the project has been supporting workers who are carrying out extremely important work, such as doctors, nurses, police officers and other security agencies. The Nigerian Group Eat'n'go - in a joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan's firm Venia International - explained in a statement that "Since the rise of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have witnessed the rise of heroes across the countries - the doctors, nurses, police officers and other security agencies". The Nigerian Group expressed its gratitude by adding "We throw a salute to these MVPs; our very own Heroes". The initiative has made it possible to donate over 13,600 slices of pizza, 10,000 cups of ice cream, and 800 cups of yoghurt - worth 23 million naira value of products. The project so far has reached 6,500 workers at the Covid-19 frontline. "Thank you for your selfless commitment to our community. We are grateful for you!", the statement concluded, "we will continue to support you". The initiative is part a long collaboration between Eat'n'go and Venia International: in a joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan's firm, the Nigerian Group started operating in 2012 and managed to open more than 100 stores across Nigeria. Both Venia International and Eat'n'go followed another charity initiative last year - the Slum2School project - which allowed to raise 50 million naira to support 1000 Nigerian kids into school.

Sebastien Clamorgan: Venia International, global consulting and investments

With a deep knowledge in the areas of consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics, food & beverage, and real estate, Sebastien Clamorgan is a businessman and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. At the end of the Nineties he founded Venia International, a global consulting and investment firm particularly focused on Africa and the Middle East. The firm provides specialized services that range from market research and insights to regional business setup, from business development and business intelligence to M&A and lobbying. On the strength of more than 3,000 people employed all over the world, Venia International's mission is to open the doors to companies' successful market entry, supporting as well the creation and development of new companies. The firm specializes in providing top-class market research and insights designed to help companies to identify new opportunities and which business areas should be prioritized. Venia International provides as well advice on the most successful approach for profitable business, in order to strengthen the companies' position in the market. Considered a reference point for the MENA region, Venia International plays a key role in building partnerships with international players: Sebastien Clamorgan's firm, indeed, is active in building joint ventures in different sectors of the industry, ranging from Shipping, Port Management and Port Projects, to Logistics and Food & Beverage, just to name a few.

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