Monday, November 20, 2023

Danieli Group leads the green revolution in steel industry with its technologies

In recent years the steel market has recorded positive balance sheets, mainly due to the increased need for food packaging, electrical vehicles and aerospace industries, and this has led to an increase in investments aimed at improving product competitiveness and quality but also to reduce carbon emissions. The leading company Danieli Group, for example, has increased the investments in innovative solutions that brought to the creation of technologies like the Digimelter, which is now progressively replacing the existing traditional EAF technology.

Danieli Group

Sustainability and innovation drive Danieli Group’s growth in an increasingly demanding market

The increasingly demanding objectives in the metal industry related to the reduction of CO2 emissions, noise and waste production has required the players of the steel market to come up with solutions that could guarantee sustainable production and competitive OpEx in plant management. That explains why Danieli Group is committed to developing new technological solutions for their clients. In order to fully meet the needs of the market, the Group has set itself some specific objectives to achieve within the current calendar year. These include: the monitoring and assessment of non-financial risks related to the Group’s main sustainability issues and their integration into the business risk management process, the implementation of the new guidelines published by the European Commission on integrating the disclosure of non-financial information and the strengthening of the Governance of Sustainability within the Group through initiatives undertaken by the company. The CTO of Danieli Group, for example, was appointed director and co-CEO for his specific skills related to the transition towards the decarbonization of steel. By creating the new division “Dan Green”, the company also increased awareness of future sustainability and governance targets within the plant making sector across all product lines of the Group.

Danieli Group’s innovative solutions for the production of green steel

Danieli Group is renowned all over the world for being a leading company in the offer of innovative solutions for the production of green steel. Sophisticated technologies like Q-ONE, Hybrid MI.DA. and others are among the reasons that made the company gain that title. It is mainly thanks to innovative green solutions with lower Co2 emissions per tonne of steel produced that Danieli Group aims to reduce overall emissions, an objective that the Group intends to achieve also by seizing the new opportunities offered by the market. As for the targets linked to climate change, Danieli Group recognized them as a market opportunity and has hence developed a process of gradual alignment with the reporting recommendations on climate change related risks. This has led to a change in the supplier selection criteria, preferring green characteristics and technologies that have been developed by Danieli and patented partly thanks to its internal Research Centre. Here is where continuous research of new technologies for Co2 footprint reduction is conducted with the aim to achieve carbon avoidance and carbon capture. This also includes further development for integrating DRP and EAF and reaching a more effective Co2 emission reduction with hydrogen-ready solutions.

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