Friday, August 18, 2023

Sustainability, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli: the future of the steel industry

Gruppo Danieli’s vision, embraced by its CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, focuses on actively shaping the future and leading the green transition in the steel industry. The company invests heavily in sustainable practices and innovation in order to cut down emissions and enhance efficiency.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli: the era of green steel

In the words of its CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, Gruppo Danieli’s vision is not merely to wait for the future to happen, but to bring it to its customers today. This forward-thinking mindset is reflected in the group’s commitment to lead the green transition in the steel industry, achieved through a long-standing investment in sustainability and innovation. The CEO emphasizes the company’s journey from efficiency to Industry 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0, culminating in what is now commonly known as the era of green steel. Gruppo Danieli’s commitment is strengthened by the study and implementation of innovative solutions to reduce emissions, including patented technologies such as Q-ONE, Hybrid MIDA QLP and DRI. Giacomo Mareschi Danieli firmly believes that sustainable investment and transformation are essential to both improving efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact of steel production. The ultimate goal of Gruppo Danieli is to play a significant role in slowing down global emissions by promoting and providing cutting-edge solutions that result in reduced CO2 emissions per ton of produced steel.

From engineer to CEO: Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s journey

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s journey within Danieli Group showcases his broad experience and expertise in the steel industry. After graduating in Electrical Engineering, he joined the Group’s Steelmaking division early in his career, where he gained valuable insights into the steel production process. His professional growth continued thanks to international roles, from Project Coordinator in Abu Dhabi to Manager Responsible for the construction of Interpipe Steel plant in Ukraine. Demonstrating adaptability and leadership, he then took on crucial responsibilities at Danieli Far East Ltd. in Thailand before becoming its CEO in 2017 and a Member of the group’s board of directors in 2009. Throughout his professional path, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli successfully managed different divisions and commercial activities, consolidating multi-line projects and overseeing product lines like Danieli Centro Cranes, Danieli Hydraulics, Danieli Environment System, and Danieli Centro Metallics.

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