Thursday, July 27, 2023

Orrick’s Corporate Partner Attilio Mazzilli participates in Futura’s €1.8M funding round

Attilio Mazzilli, a Corporate Partner at Orrick, is among the business angels who participated in the €1.8 million funding round for Futura, the largest in Italy’s education sector. With the capital raised, the startup aims to pursue an ambitious growth project, aiming to become the leading player in the European market for test preparation and tutoring.

Attilio Mazzilli

Attilio Mazzilli (Orrick) backs Futura’s AI-driven education solutions

Artificial intelligence has made its way into the education sector through the success of Futura, a highly accomplished startup that secured a €1.8 million founding round. Attilio Mazzilli, a Corporate Partner at Orrick, is among the group of business angels supporting this transformative project. Founded by three young entrepreneurs under the age of 25, Futura was established in 2020 with a vision to leverage new technologies and develop an AI system capable of designing personalized learning journeys for students. Its primary objective is to assist students in preparing for university admission tests and provide personalized tutoring sessions. The startup offers curated courses facilitated by expert instructors, ensuring tailored paths that cater to individual learning needs. Students can subscribe to the platform on a monthly basis, gaining access to cutting-edge educational resources and personalized support to reach their academic goals. The startup, supported by Attilio Mazzilli, initiates its process by assessing individual skills and crafting personalized study plans. In under two years, it has achieved remarkable milestones, boasting more than 1,500 enrolled students and experiencing a monthly growth rate of 20%. The team has expanded from three members to 15, exemplifying its dedication and ambition. This success has captured the attention of national and international investors, including United Ventures, Exor Seeds, Ithaca Ventures, and LVenture Group. Now, Futura sets its sights on international expansion, aiming to establish itself as a leading player in Europe for test preparation and tutoring.

Orrick’s Corporate Partner Attilio Mazzilli: a pillar of expertise

With a Law degree from the University of Milan, a Master of Laws in Business&Corporate Law earned at the University of Southern California, and admission to the Italian Bar Association in 2003, Attilio Mazzilli has forged a long and successful career in the legal field. Presently, he holds the position of Corporate Partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, specializing in the realms of private equity, venture capital, and both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. Within Orrick, he holds additional significant roles, serving as Co-Head of Italian offices, Head of the Italian Tech Group, and Member of the International Technology Companies Group. His extensive expertise proves invaluable to startups, venture capital firms, and tech companies alike, providing comprehensive guidance on matters of financing, corporate law, M&A, and listings. Throughout his career, Attilio Mazzilli has played a pivotal role in numerous significant transactions involving esteemed companies, including Gruppo Intesa San Paolo, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Teko Telecom, Octo Telematics, Prima Assicurazioni, and Bending Spoons. His expertise also extends to advising Banca Sella Holding and Fabrick on a joint venture agreement with illimity Bank regarding Hype, guiding Cerba HealthCare through its acquisition of Lifebrain from Investindustrial, and supporting Scalapay in both its Series B financing round led by Tencent and its Series A financing round led by Tiger Global. His contributions have garnered him prestigious recognition, such as the title of “Lawyer of the Year for Venture Capital” in the 2020 Legalcommunity Awards. Furthermore, his work has played a significant role in earning numerous accolades for Orrick, including “Law Firm of the Year 2021 for Venture Capital”, “Law Firm of the Year 2020 for M&A Small Cap” (BeBeez and PBV), and “Law Firm of the Year 2020 for Fintech” (TopLegal Industry Awards).

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