Thursday, March 23, 2023

Valeur Group’s premier services for asset management

With a focus on providing clients a safe and reliable financial harbor, Valeur Group generates returns through investment solutions that encompass geographies, asset classes, styles, and objectives. The firm was founded in 2010 by finance expert Lorenzo Vangelisti, who remains at the helm of the firm as Chief Executive Officer. Its business is marked by a robust European presence, with operations led in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg. The Group comprises five complementary entities – Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA, and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd. Their offerings are backed by extensive expertise and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, making the firm a trusted partner for all financial needs.

Valeur Group

Valeur Group’s five companies: excellent services in investment finance

Comprising five synergistic entities, Valeur Group provides high-value solutions for creating customized strategies and investment products. Its core asset management services are anchored by London-based company Valeur Capital Ltd, which specializes in cutting-edge financial engineering techniques, research, and market analysis. Valeur Capital Ltd is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and manages Luxembourg-based funds, including SIF and UCITS, in collaboration with the Group. Instead, Lugano-based Valeur SA specializes in managing foreign collective investment schemes according to the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes. It manages UCITS and SIF Luxemburg funds, continuously implementing specialized investment strategies to achieve superior results. With a focus on trading activities, Valeur Securities SA is another key component of Valeur Group’s offerings. Based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, it provides a state-of-the-art trading platform that delivers access to a wide range of markets. Its team has extensive experience in dealing with both traditional and alternative asset classes, and boasts a strong track record in order execution. Valeur Securities SA is authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to distribute collective investment schemes.

Asset management: Valeur Group’s mission and values

Valeur Concept SA is another entity belonging to the Group. It operates in the real estate and architectural services sector from its base in Lugano, with great efficiency deriving from the Group’s deep understanding of the Swiss and Italian real estate markets. Valeur Group’s fifth entity is LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd, based in London. It provides a SaaS multi-dealer platform, which leverages extensive expertise to automate the conception, pricing, trading, and risk monitoring of bespoke structured products. With CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti at the helm of the Group, Valeur Group operates as a client-driven firm committed to building long-lasting relationships with investors. From the outset, the firm has specialized in investment solutions in areas including asset management, investment advisory, trading, research, and real estate services, while placing responsiveness, excellence, and efficiency at the core of its mission. To that end, it strictly adheres to regulatory standards and is authorized by local financial supervisory authorities (FCA and CSSF), while also promoting the Principles for Responsible Investment and adhering to the ethical and professional standards of the CFA Institute. Furthermore, the Group’s activities are conducted according to the MIFID II regulatory directive. Valeur Group’s products and services span different geographic areas, asset classes, management styles, and objectives, truly making it an international entity.

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