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Valeur Group’s strong international experience in asset management

Valeur Group is an independent business with extensive experience in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate. It comprises five complementary entities: Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd. Each company specializes in a specific financial area. The Group has a European footprint and operates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg: its mission is to provide a safe and solid financial harbor while offering high value-added solutions.

Valeur Group

Financial services: the experience of Valeur Group

Optimal allocation, careful analysis and competitive returns can be found in Valeur Group. An independent firm operating in the financial sector, the Group is a truly international reality offering products and services that range across different geographic areas, asset classes, management styles, and objectives. Its core aim is to provide a safe and solid financial harbor for clients while generating returns using excellence, proactivity and efficiency. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been providing investment solutions in areas including asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate. The Group pursues its mission by making responsiveness, excellence and efficiency its key assets. Valeur Group operates though the involvement of five companies. Valeur Capital Ltd is based in London and represents the heart of the Group's asset management and structured investment product services. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, it manages Luxembourg-based funds (SIF and UCITS) and carries out research and market analysis along with the Group. It specializes in developing the most advanced financial engineering techniques in order to build and price customized products. Lugano-based Valeur SA is instead an asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes pursuant to the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes. It is the hub of the Group's research, with specialized investment strategies continuously implemented. Valeur SA was awarded with the LICol/CISA license and manages UCITS and SIF Luxemburg funds.

Valeur Group, an independent firm with a European footprint

Three other companies operate in synergy within Valeur Group. Valeur Securities SA, the Group's trading desk providing an investment platform with broad access to the market. It is based in Pfäffikon (Switzerland) and has a team with extensive experience in dealing with both traditional and alternative asset classes, as well as with order execution. Valeur Securities SA is authorized by the FINMA - the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority - for the distribution of collective investment schemes. Another entity is also based in Switzerland, more specifically in Lugano: it is Valeur Concept SA, a company operating in real estate and architecture. Built upon the Group's profound understanding of the Italian and Swiss real estate markets, it has great expertise covering a wide variety of real estate investment solutions and architectural services. The fifth company is SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd., a London-based digital platform for trading products. Valeur Group is a client driven international firm that commits itself to creating long-lasting relationships with investors. Not surprisingly, it has strong relationships with 25 market operators. Its activities are conducted according to the MIFID II regulatory directive and are authorized by local financial supervisory authorities (FCA and CSSF). It adheres to the ethical and professional standards of the CFA Institute, and operates in line with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a UN initiative combining asset and investment management with ESG principles.

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