Monday, February 21, 2022

London-based company LinkedTrade joins Valeur Group

The head of independent business Valeur Group announced the successful acquisition of London-based company LinkedTrade.

Valeur Group

Valeur Group reached a "milestone" according to CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti

"A milestone": this is the word used by Lorenzo Vangelisti, Valeur Group Founder and CEO, to describe the successful operation. "We are very proud of this agreement - he commented - which enables us to provide our clients with an increasingly comprehensive service,and is the starting point to develop LinkedTrade's technology further". The acquisition of SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade will contribute to expanding the Group's investment solutions and technology edge. It will in fact enable Valeur Group to expand its offerings, improve its efficiency and extend the distribution channels. LinkedTrade activity concerns the connection between the Buy-side and the Sell-side and also the offering of end-to-end automation for the conception, pricing, trading and risk monitoring of bespoke structured products. The acquisition falls within an investment strategy whose goal is to invest in innovation and technology as well as to expand operations world-wide. According to the terms of the operation and as announced by the interested parties, the London-based Fintech company will maintain its independence while leveraging the Group's investment strategy. LinkedTrade's CEO Nicolas Gaumont-Prat also commented on the operation. "We are very pleased to join Valeur Group" he said. Then he added: "We share their strategic view and founding values of professionalism, accuracy, and a result-oriented approach. It is the beginning of a successful partnership that will allow us to accelerate our developments in LinkedTrade and broaden our digital services". In order to ensure a smooth transaction, the Group required the assistance of the international law firm DLA Piper, who took care of all legal aspects related to the involved jurisdictions.

The History of Valeur Group

Valeur Group is an independent group specialized in asset management, advisory, trading, structuring of tailor-made investment funds and real estate services. It was founded in 2010 by Lorenzo Vangelisti, who is still the head of the firm. The business is characterized by a European footprint, with operations led in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxemburg. It offers high value-added solutions to build customized strategies and investment products, which range across all asset classes and different management styles. Its mission is to be a safe harbor for its customers and providing them high returns and a solid portfolio, which is all pursued with excellence, responsiveness, and efficiency. Supported by a team of 18 experienced investment professionals, Valeur Group today has assets under management of 1.7 billion euros and 18 investment funds between management and advisory, as well as consolidated relationships with over 25 market operators. The Group also promotes the Principles for Responsible Investment, which is a UN initiative combining ESG principles with asset management, andt shares the standards of the CFA Institute, with some team members recognized as "CFA Charterholders". It is authorized to operate by local financial supervisory authorities such as FCA and FINMA, and it conducts its activities in compliance with the new MIFID II regulation.

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