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The roots of Sebastien Clamorgan: her great grandmother Madeleine

Madeleine Clamorgan is the great grandmother of the entrepreneur Sebastien Clamorgan, the founder of Venia International. Madeleine lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s: she was a literate and woman of culture, and is still remembered today for her contribution to the foundation of Catholic schools in France.
Sebastien Clamorgan

Culture and initiative: the life of Sebastien Clamorgan's great grandmother Madeleine

Sebastien Clamorgan's great grandmother was born in Mayenne, in northwest France, in 1880. Madeleine is famous for her great contribution to the spreading of culture and education at the time in which she lived: together with Miss Desrez, indeed, she founded the "Ecole Normale Libre Ms. Danielou" in 1907, and personally took care of the philosophy classes. In 1913 Madeleine also founded the "Colleges Sainte Marie" (Neuilly sur Seine), another Catholic school where more than 17,000 students had the possibility to receive education. During her life as a teacher and literate, she organized many conferences and lectures with the aim of spreading culture among her students. Madeleine Clamorgan always had a natural talent for studying and teaching: since she was very young, indeed, her teachers were astonished by her intelligence, and helped her to move to Paris, where she pursued a higher education. In Paris she met her future husband Charles Daniélou, and, after getting married, the great grandmother of Sebastien Clamorgan became Madeleine Daniélou, as it was customary at the time. One of Charles and Madeleine's children was Jean Daniélou, the Cardinal of Paris in the 70s of the twentieth century. Madeleine's commitment led her to become famous among the intellectuals of her time: one of these, Léonce de Grandmaison, was her spiritual mentor and stayed by her side until her death, which occurred in 1927. As her great grandson, the founder of Venia International is now committed to keeping alive the memory of Madeleine, as she is an example of passion towards culture and initiative.

Venia International, the firm founded by Sebastien Clamorgan

The same ability to undertake projects and initiatives must have been handed down from generation to generation, reaching up the owner of Venia International. Indeed, with more than 25 years' experience in the fields of consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics, food & beverage, and real estate, Sebastien Clamorgan is a well-known entrepreneur who supported the establishment of many international brands and carried out a considerable number of successful projects throughout his career. After founding his global consulting and investment firm in the late 90s, he dealt with many industry segments and sectors, and set up joint ventures and partnerships with global players. Recognized today as a reference point in Africa and the Middle East, Venia International aims at opening the gateways to companies' successful market entry. By means of a wide regional know-how, its services include crucial insights into markets, market research to help companies understand the size and scope of opportunities, the development of growth roadmaps and planning processes, as well as local content to ensure that companies comply with the regulations in force where businesses are run. In addition, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm also provides lobbying services, such as consultancy in government relations, public policy, non-governmental and grassroots support organizations, and assistance in undertaking profitable negotiations and closing M&As to help foster rapid growth. Furthermore, the firm also specializes in offering detailed and reliable business intelligence to assist equity partners.

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