Friday, March 20, 2020

Eat’n’go and Sebastien Clamorgan’s Venia International to improve education in Nigeria

Venia International, the firm founded by Sebastien Clamorgan in the late Nineties, is part of a joint venture with the Nigerian restaurant group Eat'n'go. They followed the Slum2School project, an initiative carried out from December 2018 to December 2019, which allowed to raise 50 million naira to support 1000 kids into school.
Sebastien Clamorgan

Slum2School: Eat'n'go and Sebastien Clamorgan's Venia International to collaborate with the project

The 2019 goal set by Slum2School has been reached: 50 million naira have been raised to help tackling the growing rate of out-of-school kids in Nigeria, providing children with quality education. A key role was played by the Nigerian food and beverage group Eat'n'Go - the leading franchisee for Domino's Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt in Nigeria - in a joint venture that includes Sebastien Clamorgan's Venia International as a shareholder. The initiative carried out last year made it possible to donate 100 naira for the purchase of every Eat'n'go product: Cinnastix from Domino's pizza, bubble waffles from Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt, and waffles from Cold Stone Creamery. Eat'n'go and Slum2School's objective is to impact the educational sector in Nigeria, by providing access to education and school needs. Slum2School is a developmental organization that aims at building networks for underserved children, by collaborating with partners such as the government, the private sector, and individuals, as well as civil society organizations and other developmental agencies. This network includes Eat'n'go, which, in addition to being active in the education sector in Nigeria, is committed to bringing Food & Beverage brands to Africa. The group is headquartered in Lagos and started its operation in 2012. Since then, also thanks to the support provided by the global consulting and investment firm Venia International, it achieved market leadership and became the premier food operator in Africa.

Sebastien Clamorgan and Venia International: international projects and services

Sebastien Clamorgan is a businessman and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of professional experience. With a deep knowledge in the fields of consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics to infrastructure, food & beverage, and real estate, he is the founder and owner of Venia International, a global consulting and investment firm. Particularly focused on opening the gateways to Africa and the Middle East, the firm carries out many projects across different business sectors and is considered to be a reference point in the area. On the strength of its more than 3,000 people employed all over the world, the services provided by the Venia International are aimed at opening the doors to companies' successful market entry. Sebastien Clamorgan and its firm, indeed, support the creation and development of new companies by providing key insights into markets and by means of strategic planning processes. Furthermore, they support partners on the most suitable approach for successful business. Thanks to an extensive regional know-how regarding the Middle East and North Africa, they offer local content to ensure that corporations comply with regulatory frameworks, such as relevant policies and regulations. It is no coincidence, thus, that the global consulting and investment firm is recognized as the handpicked partner of choice for global brands whose aim is to establish themselves in Africa and the Middle East.

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