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Sebastien Clamorgan: his noble roots and his work as an entrepreneur

Sebastien Clamorgan is deeply committed to keeping alive the noble history of his family: at the same time he’s a successful entrepreneur.

Sebastien Clamorgan, an experienced entrepreneur leading the global investment firm Venia International, is also deeply committed to keeping alive the memory of his noble family: the surname "Clamorgan" comes from the Gaelic motto "GWLADMORGAWN", which means appealing, charming, and rejoice. The name "Clamorgan" was first obtained by William the Conqueror in 1066 after receiving a territory known as the "Glamorganshire": this is the beginning of the Clamorgan's noble history, a lineage which is still alive even today.
Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan: the noble roots of his family

Sebastien Clamorgan founded the global investment firm Venia International in the late 90s. Today he's an experienced entrepreneur. He is also very committed to keep alive the noble history of his family, which begins with the same origin of the word "Clamorgan". "GWLADMORGAWN" is a Gaelic motto that probably comes from the word "glamour", which indicates something appealing, charming, and "Gan", which means rejoice. William the Conqueror, in 1066, received this name after obtaining a territory in the region of England called "Wales": this territory was known as the "Glamorganshire". Sèreville et Saint-Simon writes in the Dictionary of French Nobility (1975) that the Clamorgan family is "of ancient lineage, whose nobility is ascertained since 1463". The "Cahiers nobles" No.18 confirms this theory. This kind of nobility is considered of ancient extraction and more estimated than a royal ennoblement. We also know that in 1463, during the "Recherche nobiliaire de Montfault", there were 429 nobles located in Cotentin: only 15 of these had the title of "knight" and the right to be called "Messire", and one of these was Thomas de Clamorgan. In the same source, there are reports of two other different nobles in 1463 who were named Guillaume de Clamorgan and Etienne de Clamorgan. Another genealogy from 1523 mentions three brothers: Guillaume, Jean and Girard Clamorgan (Revue de la Hanche, 10, p. 209). The evidence of the birth of this noble family are many: this dynasty is still alive thanks to Sebastien Clamorgan and his family.

Sebastien Clamorgan's business: Venia International

Sebastien Clamorgan is a successful professional in the fields of private equity, shipping, food & beverage, logistics and real estate businesses. Venia International, the global investment firm founded by Clamorgan, is now a key player in the Africa and Middle East Region, where it contributes to improve safety across transport companies. The firm also works to create important partnerships with international players such as valuable joint ventures with companies active in the food & beverage sectors, oil & gas, logistics and shipping. One of the most recent and relevant partnerships is the one with Eat'n'go, a Nigerian Group which operates within the food sector: the aim of this partnership is to support Eat'n'go and become the leader food operator in Africa. It also aims at becoming the exclusive master franchisee for Domino's Pizza, a $6 billion fast food giant, and Cold Stone Creamery, a $1.5 company active in the ice cream business. The company founded by Sebastien Clamorgan is now recognized as a key player in the African and Middle East Region. Venia International has gained a remarkable success on an international scale.

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