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Federico Cervellini: from the Security Management to the Business Development in the UAE

Federico Cervellini’s professional path goes through different professional experiences, gathered both in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates, more precisely between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Federico Cervellini works mostly in the security field during the very first years of his professional career. After having cooperated with relevant clients in Italy - such as fashion brands, multinational corporation of the technology field, important stores and prominent personalities of the show business - he decided to move to the United Arab Emirates heading the Corporate Affairs sector of MBM Group.

Federico Cervellini's career inside the national boundaries

Federico Cervellini - MBM GroupFederico Cervellini is born in 1974. He starts over his professional career working as a Security operator for commercial stores, entertaining facilities and relevant personalities operating in the show business located in the Italian territory. Along the way, he decided to improve his professional skills and therefore he started attending courses, which gave him even more knowledge in the security professional sector. In 2002, in fact, he attended the high-speed driving course for armoured vehicles, the next year an advanced self-defence course. In 2004, he found the chance to grow even more his experience, starting cooperating with important and worldwide known fashion brands, as well as with multinational corporations specialized in the technology sector, holding the job title of Security Manager. Thanks to skills acquired, he later worked also as a Bodyguard, not only for the entertainment professional from the show business, but also in behalf of important and relevant businessmen. Having successfully passed the Marketing course he attended in 2004, Federico Cervellini managed to found, together with some faithful partners, palazzo Guidi 1556: this is the biggest entrepreneurial initiative ever taken by the professional. An old but fascinating palace has been restructured in order to give birth to a beautiful location, which hosts not only marriages and important events, but also parties and all kind of celebrations, surrounded by the Emilia-Romagna hills. His most important role inside this activity is the one of Sales and Marketing Manager, as well as Public Relations Manager.

Federico Cervellini moving to the Middle East

In 2009, Federico Cervellini decided to bring his huge professional experience to the United Arab Emirates and more precisely to the city of Abu Dhabi, at first. Here, he worked as Head of International Business Development in behalf of Her Highness, the local Sheikha Maryam bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan. Apart from her personal activities, he was in charge of taking care of her personal security, taking indeed advantage of his previous and important professional tasks. Other important cooperation were established during these first years in the United Arab Emirates, such as the ones with MAZCORP and Caffè Pascucci, working for them as Business Development Manager. He left Abu Dhabi in 2012, and headed to Dubai. Here he joined MBM Group, company founded in 2006 and still guided by the local Sheikh, His Highness Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum. As a part of the Group, Federico Cervellini fulfills the important role of Director of Corporate Affairs. MBM Group is a ten year experienced company, which operates in giving foreign investors the chance to easily find their way through the quite new, but promising, Middle Eastern market. Although being a huge land of opportunities, this particular market turns out to have its peculiar rules to be respected in order to start winning investments. That is where the role of such a professional becomes fundamental for entrepreneurs coming from all over the world.
More on Federico Cervellini at his official Wikipedia page.

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