Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Per4m Asset Management LLP : ongoing negotiations with Market Risk Management S.R.L

Iyad Farah, CIO di Per4m Asset Management (PAM) LLP
Iyad Farah, CIO di Per4m Asset Management (PAM) LLP
Dr. Iyad Farah has announced that Per4m Asset management (PAM) LLP, has entered into discussions with Market Risk Management S.R.L of Milano, Italy with the objective of exploring business opportunities for which the two companies “could join forces” in order to achieve a significant added-value to their respective customers. About Market Risk Management S.R.L (“MRM”): MRM is a limited liability company based in Milano, Italy, which specializes in providing sophisticated investment advisory services to institutional clients. Its founder, Francesco Caruso, graduated in economics from the Bocconi University in Milano. He has earned numerous financial technical analysis awards and became the first Master of Financial and Technical analysis (MFTA) in Italy. He also received a John Brooks Award from the International Federation of Technical Analysis.

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