Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We are pleased to introduce you to the site of the engineering group Cavotec

Known globally, Cavotec, is an engineering group that work for many years in the field of infrastructure.


There are four main areas of activity: ports, airports, mining & tunneling and general industry.
For all these areas, Cavotec is in charge of specialized products and high-quality equipment that allow customers to increase productivity and to make the work more automated, faster and easier.
There are many products, systems and technologies developed by Cavotec: visiting the official website you can find, divided by sector, product sheets, where they collected information, details and much more.
Among these products you can find Cavotec PCAir mobile caddies, a system that provides pre-conditioned air to aircraft at the gate; In-Ground Fuel Systems used in commercial and military airports; Spring Driven Electric Cable Reels covers a wide range of applications in a lot of ports in the world; Electric motorized cable reels are used in a lot of maritime sectors; Cables, specifically flexible cables to general industry sectors; Radio Remote Controls that provide safe and secure remote communication and much more.


The site of Cavotec is organized into four main sections, corresponding to the four main areas of activity. Within each section there is a generic description and some brochures, datasheets and video, allowing you to learn more about the activities and scope.
In addition, for each product manufactured by Cavotec, which refers to that segment, there is a link to a page that describes and details.
Then there are other sections within the site, dedicated to presenting the group, investor relations and media center.

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