Monday, April 29, 2024

Danieli Group: celebrating 50 years of environmental excellence

With half a century of deep experience and a portfolio boasting 400 environmental control systems, Danieli Group stands as a beacon of innovation in sustainable technologies. As regulations tighten around natural resource usage, emissions, waste production, and noise pollution, the metals production sector faces increasing challenges. The Italian Group rises to meet these challenges by offering reliable, cutting-edge solutions that ensure operational health, sustainability, and competitiveness without compromising production efficiency. The commitment of the Trieste-based company.

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Danieli Group: commitment to zero-impact flue gas and water treatment technologies

Embracing the zero-impact concept and sustainability, Danieli Group pioneers advanced fume treatment technologies. These include EAF dust abatement using cyclones and bag filters, high-temperature fume cooling with heat recovery, and primary gas treatment from BOF. Steel production workshops often emit air pollutants, making air pollution control crucial. The Group offers state-of-the-art technologies compliant with Best Available Techniques (BATs) guidelines, effectively reducing dust, heavy metals, and other organic pollutants. These technologies capture and treat primary and secondary fumes, as well as pollutants like oil fogs, VOCs, and hydrocarbons, meeting stringent European regulations. Additionally, Danieli Group implements ultra-low NOx burners in reheating furnaces to minimize nitrogen oxide emissions at the source. Recognizing water’s value as a precious resource, the Group focuses on reducing wastewater discharges and freshwater usage. Its technological packages encompass softening, demineralization, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis, offering robust solutions to potential water scarcity and pollution challenges. Over the past 30 years, the Italian company has supplied more than 200 Water Treatment Plants, accumulating invaluable experience in water management and conservation. With a commitment to water recovery and conservation, Danieli Group integrates municipal and industrial wastewater reuse technologies, achieving "Zero Liquid Discharge" to eliminate freshwater consumption and wastewater discharge. This approach embodies the principles of a circular economy, promoting sustainability in metal production. The Italian Group also leverages its extensive expertise in environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions, offering tailored cost-benefit analyses for various industrial applications.

Danieli Group supports energy efficiency and circular economy solutions

Efficiency and energy savings go hand in hand for Danieli Group. The team implement automation of start-stop functions based on actual operating requirements to manage production plants efficiently. The Clean Heat Recovery plant (CHR™) effectively recovers exhaust heat from fume treatment processes, further contributing to energy conservation and emission reduction. In line with the circular economy principles, Danieli Group focuses on waste recycling and reuse for production. The company transforms hazardous slags into certified industrial aggregates through the Ecogravel® process for use in civil construction sectors. The EAF dust, considered a resource, undergoes zinc recovery using the Inductec® method. The Group’s total recycling concept offers comprehensive waste management solutions to metal producers, further enhancing sustainability in the industry. Danieli Group’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and profitability has established it as a trusted partner for the metals production sector. With its great innovative solutions spanning fume treatment, water management, energy efficiency, and waste recovery, the Italian Group continues to lead the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for the industry.