Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Asset management: Valeur Group’s longstanding presence in financial services

Founded and helmed by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, Valeur Group is dedicated to delivering investment finance services. These encompass a wide range of offerings, including asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate solutions. With operations spanning across Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg, it operates independently with the support of five collaborative entities: Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA, and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd. This collaborative approach enables the Group to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients, ensuring their financial objectives are effectively addressed across various geographies and sectors.

Valeur Group

Valeur Group’s commitment and values

Valeur Group, an autonomous firm founded by Lorenzo Vangelisti, is dedicated to providing clients with a secure and resilient financial harbor. With investment solutions spanning diverse geographic regions, asset classes, management styles, and objectives, the Group prioritizes attributes like responsiveness, excellence, and efficiency. Established in 2010, these pillars have remained steadfast since its inception. Valeur Group specializes in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate services, and operates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg through the synergistic efforts of five entities. Valeur Capital Ltd, headquartered in London, oversees Luxembourg-based funds (SIF and UCITS) and conducts research and market analysis in tandem with the Group. Its investment solution division employs cutting-edge financial engineering techniques to develop and price customized products. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, Valeur Capital Ltd serves as the heart of Valeur Group’s asset management and structured investment product services. Meanwhile, Valeur SA, situated in Lugano, functions as an asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes under the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes. Endowed with the LICol/CISA license, it manages UCITS and SIF Luxembourg funds while serving as the epicenter of the Group’s research, continuously implementing specialized investment strategies. 

Asset management: Valeur Group’s extensive experience

Valeur Securities SA, the third company within the Group, operates from Pfäffikon (Switzerland) and is authorized by FINMA for the distribution of collective investment schemes. Serving as the Group’s trading desk, it furnishes an expansive market access investment platform. It boasts extensive expertise and is staffed by traders proficient in traditional and alternative asset classes, as well as order execution. Valeur Concept SA, headquartered in Lugano, capitalizes on Valeur Group’s comprehensive understanding of the Italian and Swiss real estate markets. It epitomizes the Group’s prowess in this domain, offering diverse real estate investment solutions and architectural services. LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd., a London-based SaaS multi-dealer platform for trading products, constitutes another Group entity. Its acquisition in 2021 bolstered Valeur Group’s investment solutions and technological capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and widening distribution channels. The collective approach of these five entities empowers the Group to deliver exceptional services and products, facilitating the creation of a diverse range of investment solutions across geographical regions, asset classes, styles, and objectives. The Group operates under the purview of local financial regulatory authorities (FCA and CSSF) and its activities adhere to the MIFID II regulatory directive. Valeur Group also upholds the ethical standards of the CFA Institute, as well as the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a UN-backed initiative.