Thursday, February 2, 2023

The values fostered by Valeur Group: CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti interviewed by “The CEO Publication”

Lorenzo Vangelisti has specialized in banking, finance and asset management over more than 25 years of international experience, leading to the foundation of Valeur Group in 2010. His firm is an independent business with significant and extensive experience in asset management, investment advisory, trading, research, and real estate services. It is composed of five interrelated companies: Valeur Capital Ltd., Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd.

Lorenzo Vangelisti, CEO Valeur Group

Valeur Group’s strategies explained by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti

“Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. The goal can be reached alone, but only together we can go further”: this is how Lorenzo Vangelisti presents his vision for building successful businesses in a world that is constantly evolving with incredible speed. A constant updating of skills, a deep knowledge of the markets, the ability of intercepting changes in advance and building teams of highly qualified professionals. This is exactly what the manager and investor has been doing since he established his financial firm Valeur Group in 2010. Since then, the firm has evolved into a truly international reality that consists of five interrelated companies. Lorenzo Vangelisti talked about this in an interview with “The CEO Publication”, a global business magazine recognizing CEOs across the industry vertical. “By combining everyone’s experience and skills, the path to reach the goal can acquire an even greater value and go far beyond what was initially hoped for”, he emphasized in the interview, also recalling how the Group, since the early days, has supported young talents to develop into successful investment professionals. Furthermore, Valeur Group has often retained young people giving them the opportunity to build their careers within the firm. As the CEO confirmed, still today they are a precious contribution to the Group’s success.

Lorenzo Vangelisti: Valeur Group’s innovation, technology and social commitment

In addition to the human capital, Valeur Group’s growth was also stimulated by decisive elements such as innovation and technology, which the Group has always embraced to improve its solutions. It is no coincidence that the Group includes LinkedTrade Technologies among its companies: acquired in 2021, it is a SaaS multi-dealer platform leading the way in the digital transformation of the structured products industry. The company is based in London and operates to make structured products available to all investors with a high level of transparency. With this acquisition, Lorenzo Vangelisti’s firm has further strengthened its positioning and its investment solutions offerings. As the CEO went on to explain, in 2021 the Group also carried out another key operation inspired by innovation and technology: in that year, the Valeur Digital Platform was launched, combining innovation and long-term expertise in the structured products sector. Today, the platform is a proven solution that reduces operational risks and saves time, while scaling up distribution across multiple channels. In the interview, Lorenzo Vangelisti also focused on the importance of committing to social causes. As he finally explained, this is the purpose of Valeur Foundation, the non-profit organization he created to support social projects and humanitarian initiatives, as well as animals’ welfare and sport associations.

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