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Asset management: Lorenzo Vangelisti’s committment at Valeur Group

Born in Mendrisio (Switzerland) in 1977, Lorenzo Vangelisti gained relevant experience in major financial centers over more than 25 years of working experience. He has specialized in banking, finance and asset management, leading to the establishment Valeur Group in 2010. Since then, the firm has managed to evolve into a truly global reality consisting of five interrelated companies – Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA, and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd.

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Lorenzo Vangelisti as Partner and CEO of Valeur Group

When Lorenzo Vangelisti founded the financial firm Valeur Group in 2010, his original idea was to provide a safe and solid financial harbor for clients, while generating competitive returns making excellence, responsiveness, and efficiency the key assets of the firm. It can be said that this objective has now been achieved if we look at the Group’s numbers: 17 investment funds managed and advised, 1 billion investment products traded each year, 140 investment solutions developed and traded annually, 18 experienced professionals dedicated to research and investment services, with 250 years of combined team experience in financial solutions. The Group headed by Lorenzo Vangelisti specializes in the areas of asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading and real estate services. It has a strong European footprint and operates independently in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg. Excellence, responsiveness, and efficiency are the Group’s three pillars since its establishment. Valeur Group’s companies conduct their activities in compliance with the MIFID II regulation and are authorized to operate by local financial supervisory authorities FCA and FINMA. They operate in line with the Principles for Responsible Investment, a UN initiative incorporating ESG issues into asset and investment management. Furthermore, the Group shares the ethical and professional standards of the CFA Institute, with some team members recognized as “CFA Charterholders”.

Lorenzo Vangelisti’s professional biography: asset management, innovation, and social commitment

Lorenzo Vangelisti specialized his studies by obtaining the Swiss Certified Banking Specialist Certificate (Centro di Studi Bancari in Vezia, Switzerland, 2001) and the Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate (CFA Institute in Charlottesville, VA, USA, 2004). He began his career at Credit Suisse International, where he first worked as Assistant Relationship Manager in the Private Banking Division. After specializing in structured products and derivatives, he started working as Structured Products Specialist. Subsequently, he was appointed to further positions of increasing responsibility, namely those of Vice President in the Credit Suisse’s Private Banking Network and Director of the Fixed Income and Equity Derivatives Division in London – the latter being his last professional role at Credit Suisse International before founding Valeur Group in 2010. In a few years, his firm evolved into a truly global reality, with products and services ranging across different geographic areas, asset classes, management styles, and objectives. As Lorenzo Vangelisti explained recently, this is the result of some key elements combined by the Group, among which are the constant updating of skills, a sound knowledge of the markets, and the ability of intercepting changes in advance and building teams of highly qualified professionals. In addition, innovation and technology have also had an essential role in the Group’s growth path. Valeur Group is also committed to social causes: this is done through the non-profit organization Valeur Foundation, which supports humanitarian initiatives, cultural projects, sport associations, and animals’ welfare.

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