Friday, July 17, 2020

Pompeo Pontone: BCIs and the theft of emotional responses

With more than 25 years of experience in the world of finance, Pompeo Pontone is a Professional Investment Specialist and Financial Consultant. His fields of specialization include Investment Management, Quantitative Finance, Derivatives Trading and Data Science.

Pompeo Pontone: the challenges and threats of brain computer interfaces

The new generation of mind-reading technologies is the issue addressed by Pompeo Pontone in a recent intervention on his website, which explains the threats related to BCIs, namely brain computer interfaces. "We already know it's annoying to have a user name and password hacked", the article says, "and worrying when it's your bank account details that are stolen". But, in the light of the big development of such devices to read thoughts and feelings through computers, the expert in Data Science and FinTech points out that "BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces) mean that eventually it's your emotional responses that would be stolen and shared by hackers, with all the embarrassments and horrors that go with that". As explained, indeed, mind-reading technologies can allow entry to the most private type of personal data, e.g. emotional responses: "BCIs offer access to the most personal of personal data", Pompeo Pontone writes in the article, adding that "inevitably they'll be targeted by hackers and would-be blackmailers". But, as underlined by the Investment Consultant and Specialist, data owners will try to keep information in the safest way possible, using appropriate security and privacy systems: "Security systems will attempt to keep data from BCIs as locked down as possible"Pompeo Pontone concludes, adding a warning on the issue"We already know the defenders never win every time".

Pompeo Pontone'career in the financial field

The article on mind-reading technologies is published on the Data Science & Technology section of Pompeo Pontone's website. With over 25 years of professional experience, he is an Investment Specialist and Financial Consultant, who is particularly focused on Investment Management and Capital Markets. The expert is currently active in Quantitative Finance, Derivatives Trading and Data Science, as well as in projects concerning FinTech and Private Equity. Pompeo Pontone graduated with honors in Economics from the Bocconi University in Milan (1994), and gained a Master of Science in Quantitative Finance from the Birkbeck College (University of London). He completed the "Mathematical Finance: Contingent Claims Pricing in Continuous Time" Postgraduate Course (University of Florence). After starting his career as a Research Analyst at Stone & McCarthy Research Associates (London) in 1995, Pompeo Pontone held the roles of Fixed Income Analyst at Credito Italiano (known today as UniCredit) in Milan. He then joined Pioneer Investments - a Dublin based firm specializing in investment funds management - where he was Vice President and Senior Fund Manager. His career includes several top management roles: Director - Co-Head of Corporate Bonds & Credit Portfolios at Intesa Asset Management (today Eurizon - Intesa San Paolo) between 1999 and 2001; Managing Director - Head of Corporate Bonds & Credit Derivatives at Fineco Asset Management (2001-2002); Managing Director - Head of Corporate Bonds & Credit Derivatives Proprietary Trading at BMPS Bank in London (2002-2010); Managing Director - Head of Alternative Investments and Asset Management at ALTIAM - Amstel Securities LLP (2010-2011); and Senior Financial Advisor at Method Investments & Advisory Ltd.

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